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650 Starter Kits

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The ego T 650 mah battery is the ideal ego Vape Pen for ce4 atomizers and other basic pre-filled cartridges currently on the market. The ego pen is the vape that began the vaping craze world-wide. The 650 pen is one of the easiest devices to use as well as one of the most reliable. 650 mah batteries are robust and stable, featuring more then enough output voltage to power ce4 clearomizers as well as any other pre-filled vape cartridges and lower ohm atomizers and coils. The ego vape pen is very easy to operate. First, you will need an appropriate clearomizer like a ce-4 or a pre-filled cartridge. We don’t recommend using low-ohm atomizers with 650 ego pens because there is just not enough voltage output to power them. After you have screwed on your atomizer, click the button 5 times rapidly. You should see the backlit button light up and begin blinking blue. Once it’s finished blinking, you will be ready to fire up your tank. Press the button down while drawing on the tank to begin vaping. Once you have finished vaping, power down the vape by clicking the button 5 times rapidly. Be sure to turn the pen off because you don’t want your ego vape pen to fire while it is in your pocket, potentially wasting your precious eliquid or oil. When the 650 ego pen is low on battery, the light behind the button will begin flashing red. When you need to charge your vape pen, unscrew the atomizer from the battery and screw the included usb charger on and stick it into any usb charging port you can find.

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