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26650 Battery

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The MNKE IMR 26650 battery is a large high drain battery that holds a charge bewtween 4.25v and 4v for many hours before dropping below 4v.  Since it is a LiMN and not a Li-ion battery it does not require circuit protection; as with all batteries, please handle with care.  Because it is a high drain battery, it is able to withstand greater amp loads than traditional, non-high drain batteries.  MNKE has a great reputation and is said to make one of if not the very best 26650 battery available.  This IMR MNKE battery is suitable for variable volt devices and booster modules such as the Kick.

If you are looking for a device that takes a 26650, check out our Hades.  

The MNKE 26650 battery has a milliampere-hour rating of 3500mAh (previously 4000).  MNKE stopped making the 4000mAh battery around the end of last year.  The new 3500mAh battery though it has a lower mAh rating is said to have better performance and increased cycle life.  Though pictured in green, these batteries are once again orange in color.

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